MIYAVIE New Collection 2021

MIYAVIE New Collection 2021


The very first fragrance in Japan was brought by Jianzhen from Tang in 753.
We interpreted the scent in modern way and reproduced high quality fragrance that has a story of a quiet and quaint scent using natural fragrances mainly sandalwood.
MIYAVIE Original fragrance “JYAKU” has a refreshing and soft scent, and gradually you will be drawn deeply to a new world you have never experienced. It is most effective when you need to concentrate on meditation, yoga, Zazen, study and research. Please enjoy a calm and relaxing time with the historical fragrance inherited from India to China and brought it to Japan.



It is said that frankincense was dedicated as a gift with gold and myrrh at the birth of Jesus Christ (by the wise men), and Jesus chose frankincense from these gifts.
Gold is a gift for the king, and frankincense is a gift for God. Today frankincense, precious and holy, is known as the King of essential oils.
MIYAVIE’s Original fragrance ”FRANKINCENSE” is a solemn and magnificent scent added with fresh fragrances in a mixture of woody and spicy smell.
This scent will bring tranquility and peace of mind when you calm your breath, uplift your spirit, and empower you from the inside of your mind.