MIYAVIE ROOM FRAGRANCE MIST / New Release on November 1, 2019

We are pleased to announce the new “Room fragrance mist – ISE Hinoki” of MIYAVIE FRAGRANCE on November 1st. This room fragrance mist is a traditional cultural material, Ise cypress and modern usage,
and this product was created to pass on Japanese spiritual culture to the future.
We hope you will experience this room fragrance mist made from rare materials.
– The Story of Ise Hinoki –
The sacred Hinoki cypress trees from the Kashimo forest are used in the architecture of Ise Shrine, and these trees are said to have protected it through ancient times. During the Meiji period, the Kashimo forest was designated as an imperial forest, its importance being recognized by the emperor. One famous anecdote “One Hinoki, One Neck” sheds light on how valuable and strict the cultivation of the Kashimo Hinoki has been.
MIYAVIE’s original fragrance, “ISE Hinoki” is an oil made from the concentrated extracts of the Hinoki cypress from the Kashimo forest. This is the same Hinoki that is used to reconstruct the historic Ise shrine every 20 years.
In this sacred and beautifully cherished scent, Your body and mind will be healed purely.