MIYAVIE 2019 new collection MOBILE PHONE STAND

MIYAVIE 2019 new collection

MIYAVIE MOBILE PHONE STAND is an asymmetric sculptural form designed for use with the
iPhone 8 and iPhone XS (similar sized phones can also be used). MIYAVIE’s spiderweb-esque
polyethlylene structure gently cradles and protects your smartphone during use.
The stand angles your phone back comfortably with either vertical or horizontal use,
supporting both portrait and landscape viewing.
The flashlight on the phone can also be turned on to transform the sculpture into a light source.

*There is a hole in the bottom of the stand which is allows for the iPhone to be charge during use.
Pass the cable through the hole and plug it into your phone to charge.
The mesh structure of the MIYAVIE material allows for sound to easily pass through, and does not
interfere with the sound quality of the phone’s speakers. Can be cleaned with water if dirty.
Made of Polyethylene
Size: 220 x 110 x 110mm

We hope you enjoyed it.

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